The incredible WebMonitor.


These rest of these programs were written with Quintus Prolog 3.3 (distributed by SICS).

The incredible XEmacs based source linked Prolog debugger (4k). This includes You'll need the current release of the Quintus Prolog Emacs interface (53k). This differs from what SICStus distributes in that it has additional enhancements peculiar to XEmacs including

The awe inspiring, blazing, declarative cross referencer (11k). This one differs from the one distributed with Quintus Prolog in that it generates error messages that can be parsed by "compile-mode" in emacs.

Multi-argument indexing (8k) for compiled & dynamic rules.

unconventional database operations (20k). These were written to emulate Arity's way of viewing the asserted database as either an avl tree or a doubly-linked-list. This includes some aesthetically questionable code that manipulates database references.

an interface (2k) to a gnu regular expression library .

a way to get Prolog to yell down a Java DataInputStream (2k).