WebMonitor will restart Apache & Jserv when it recognizes certain error conditions. It then notifies you via email what it does, sending you the error condition in context.

It can be very effective. Experience has shown that it will keep the site usable in some instances where it would be wedged otherwise. Occasionally it just does the right thing and needs no other intervention. The drawback is that it can get into a vicious cycle but then, the site is broken anyway ...

You may distribute copies or derivations of WebMonitor under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.

Download the Web Monitor from WebMonitor0.tgz (5 kilobytes).

At this point it is poorly paramaterized and should be thought of as illustrative only.

It is composed of three perl scripts


Is like tail -f, but will tail several files. It will only print lines ending with a linefeed. Each input file is assigned a unique identifier in the resulting log. This ensures that the output is readable.


This is where the monitoring happens. It calls tailn and then restarts Apache when appropriate. It mails notifications of restarts.


This illustrates a way of managing the log files generated by big and Apache JServ.

Your improvements are welcome.

Tom Howland
Last modified: Thu Feb 01 11:00:27 Pacific Standard Time 2001