I have repeatedly tried to find this on the internet. After finally stumbling upon it I decided to repeat it here in the hopes that it might get indexed by some crawler.

There are three approaches. You can use

  1. vcp
  2. use the perl scripts by Laine Stump mentioned at wincvs, or
  3. use the javascript described below.
I've used the perl scripts. They work. However, it looks like vcp is the way to go. I've never used vcp or the following javascript. Good luck!


The author, Curt Hagenlocher, kindly supplied me with this copy of vss2rcs.js. It seems to be more current than the one mentioned below.

Apparently there is a script that will translate VSS to RCS. RCS can be used directly by CVS and can be imported into Clearcase and probably Continuus as well, although I did not check.

So you know -- the following company, SourceGear, sells a product that enables distributed internet access to VSS.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for contacting SourceGear regarding CVS.

A while ago someone on the CVS mailing list (info-cvs@gnu.org) wrote a script to migrate VSS files/history over to CVS. If you want to move files from VSS -> CVS then that script might help you.

That posting can be found at the following URL:


If you have other CVS questions, we would encourage you to direct them to the CVS mailing list or the refer to the CVS documentation at:


The mailing list is frequented by many CVS users. To join the list, please send mail to info-cvs-request@gnu.org. The list is archived at:


OpenAvenue has acquired Cyclic.com from SourceGear and is now the maintainer of CVS. Future CVS inquiries may be sent to:


Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Mary Jo Skrobul
SourceGear Support

At 10:47 AM 6/1/00 -0700, you wrote:

Hi. We would like to switch from vss to cvs but want to import our version history from vss. Do you know of a reasonable, automated way of doing this?

Tom Howland
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