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Shaker Heights, a neighborhood in Cleveland, OH won the a national award recently for being the most integrated and peaceful neighborhood in America. Cleveland used to have a pollution problem back in the 60's and early 70's. Now they have cleaned up using ingenious and internationally acclaimed environmetally responsible methods. Now people fish out of Lake Erie everyday. The wine industry there is beginning to boom. The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra has been considered world class consistently since the 1960's and has recently managed to "steal away" a conductor from the New York Philharmonic. Cleveland public schols rank the highest in the state. The multi-ethnic diversity in culture, cuisine and cultural oportunity rivals that of Chicago, and in the case of the Polish, Greek and Slavic communities, out does Chicago! Shall I go on?

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It is a common point of view that there exists CA and NY, and everything else in between is sort of an embarassing mistake that is best not mentioned. I've often heard people talk of Cleveland or Cincinnati as though it were some hideous hell-hole. Maybe they're right. I never thought so though. I think Cleveland is the apex of civilization. It has parks, museums, live theater, lakefront, functioning railway, subway, bus, opera, ballet, rock clubs, jazz clubs, blues clubs, a funky waterfront. What more do you want? Affordable housing? Its got that too. People in NY talk funny. And people in CA are in some happy-faced daze all the time. Cleveland rules.